Sunday, November 21, 2010



Manitoba now falls under the vale of the dark lord of the sith....A alternative media radio show host was forcefully removed from his position due to its "challenge" of local government, and provincial government.

Slowly all our free speech rights, the right to challenge authority, the right to ask a fucking question that is our LEGAL right to ask are being eroded and removed.

The government "and by that I mean the figure heads" are being controlled by big business, donations, power groups and alternative world organizations that want to turn us into automatons that do not ask any questions but live by a one world government.

This is another attack by the elite to remove an ability to question local authority. The Great Canadian Talk Show was a source of information that lead local listeners in the Winnipeg area to think and question there local leaders.

However, the militant control freak whom ran a local college in BC into debt and turmoil that is now in control of a soon to be financially destroyed local college has bowed to local, regional and media mogul pressure to exercise a local voice from the airwaves in Winnipeg Manitoba. She did so without even participating in evaluating the product, looking into the products successfull education of students whom worked on the program, hell even the guests that came to the radio station. Before TGCTS has the mayor of Winnipeg ever been invited to appear on any show on the Red River Campus? I am sure that before the GCTS that the mayor had listened to the station about as much as the vaginal control freak does now.

Do you actually understand what this means? It means that our rights are being removed without any question. When a citizen of our great country and city takes matters into his own hands, and has groups like the Parking Authority sicking watch dogs on a local media activist, your rights are also in jeopardy.

This isn't just a cause for concern. Its an ALERT. We are being raped of our rights without a fight. And Marty Gold was our Champion, willing to fight for us and "the woman" took the media pressure and EXECUTED the radio show.

We as Manitoba citizens need to get TGCTS back on the air. We should march to the college and open the doors and demand the return of the show. That college is paid for, funded by student tuition, government funds and donations. Ask yourself a few questions. If the college is funded by students, then who is to say what is right for the college? Obviously the students. Who is the government? We are...We control how much money WE give the college.

Take control of our airwaves. The college, the government are all corrupt. They are corrupt so that the only freedoms that are to be enjoyed are theirs, not yours. Taking away TGCTS is another slow erosion of our rights.

Take a stand now.........Get your voice back....

Maybe we should charge the college with rape?

Maybe this should be addressed on our radio show.....No one can take that away.

Should we discuss this? Or should I rant....

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The "Dumbing Down" of society.

Currently our society is facing a complete lack of education on all levels.

1) Lacking the ability to speak english.
2) Sociological groupings
3) Using marketing to deliver gps and global positioning items to track all
human contact.

These items mentioned above are societies lack of ability to for cojent senteces while speaking with out using the word "like" in a sentence.

Sociological groupings are using fasion and "hot button" items such as cell phones to create the disguise of precieved wealth with the young. For instance, If you have a cell phone, you are an elite member in society. Cell phones and electronic gadgets are replacing property and education as sociological standards to live up to.

Also, the government and media corporations are using your bank cards and cell phones to track your every move.

1) Where you spend your money
2) How much time you spend on the internet.
3) Who you talk to.

All this information, and more, are being collected to be used against you in life. The large corporations do not want you to be educated. They do not want you to ask questions. The governments in the world, and the corporations want you to do as your told.

Do you know what credit is? Who sets up what credit is? And who measures wether your intitled to property, education and money or other items that give you leverage and strenght.

Your a victim of this crime.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I was watching television, and noticed a ton of commercials advertising "dollars for gold". Now lately I have been thinking about bringing back "THE LIE" blog. I couldnt find a topic that could carry conversation without people believing I was a crazy man...

But now "dollars for the sold" has my fire rekindled. Why is it that people are starting to advertise for the collection of gold. Its once again the larger corporations collecting wealth due to the fall of the banking system.

With the collapse of the banking system most companies now know that so called "precious metals" are the only way they can fortify there financial stability to sustain themselves when the risk out weights the benifits and they try there high risk lending practices.

These companies have started advertising the "purchase of gold" and have developed a trigger that reaches your own greed button. Have you heard this "Damaged or old gold". They say damaged or old gold as if there is no value to it, and that you should dispose of your old or unwanted gold.

Gold is never old, nor is it unwanted. For most people its not seen as what it is. Its an asset. You need to register your gold with your insurance company, and report to your bank how much gold you have. What your are told "old or unwanted" gold is old already, and you should never see it as unwanted.

Gold is like your home, its a valuable asset. The collection of gold is now a tool to of the wealthy to control more of the wealth. THey take your gold, and you get some cash, and you now use that money to buy "shoes" and then your money is gone, and you are now less wealthy than you where a few weeks ago.

THE LIE is this. You will be better off with no gold. You will have new shoes. The Lie is that you will enjoy not having your gold. We are no longer smart enough to realize what gold is, its an asset. Keep your gold, you would not just sell your house to have nothing in return.

This is another tool that the wealthy are using to create a larger gap between the haves and have nots. The rich collect the gold, and store it. When they store the gold, its it old? Is it damaged? No its now an asset. Keep your gold, gain assets and wealth in your life. Do not listen to the lie........

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Most people don't know and don't care that there government lies to them every day.

In the coming weeks I will be starting up column here on THE LIE. It will detail an account of one family dealing with the governement of BC and the finacial heartache and troubles that the government caused due to thier inactivity and relcutance to work with the family.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Unlimited Ministry Power

What would you do if you where convicted of a crime without a trial or the ability to tell your side of the story, removed from your home and not aloud to speak to your children.

What if you where not aloud to talk to them for over 5 months? What if they cried for you each evening, and your heart reached out to them and you talked to them, you could face 18 months in jail?

Did you know that the Ministry For Child Protection has the legal means to make a summary judgment, keep you from seeing your children with no proof or limited proof.

Do you know that they can break the law and not be punished for it? The ministry ordered someone to plead guilty, they said "plead guilty to your criminal charges and we will make sure this goes by quickly and you will be home sooner". Since there was no guilty plee, the Ministry for Child Protection has slowed down the legal process, purposely slowed down the legal system, has fabricated stories, lies and deceit.

There power is unlimited, and I don't ever remember voting them this power.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Just so you know, I have recently had government interference in my life. IT is a crime what is being done. I will post more information very soon.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

adventures of citizen x

Do you realy want information? Then read this blog. Adventures of Citizen X is a indepth and facinating look into the world politcal stage, american politics, world economics and just a basic look into the real truth.